RS232 Data Logger and RS232 Logger AX

RS232 Data Logger and RS232 Logger ActiveX are for monitoring, capturing and logging data from RS-232 ports

Managing serial port devices can be a real pain. Monitoring the data exchange process between the device and the computer, logging and structuring serial data into a database - that's the brief common task list of any automation engineer. And ironically, these tasks aren't easily automated by themselves. Doesn't that sound strange: an automation engineer doing everything by hand, not being able to lighten his job a bit?

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Monitor and Log Any Serial Data

Luckily, with Advanced Serial Data Logger you don't have to spend hours anymore tracing every single bit of data transferred via RS232 or RS485, or trying to import that data to Excel or other application. This RS232 logger tool receives data via a serial port from any device connected to it in real time and automatically transfers these data to other programs or to a database.

Total Automation

Our RS-232 Data Logger works absolutely transparently, without a user intervention. It receives information from a RS232 port device, processes it, splits the flow to individual data blocks and logs them to a database, or sends them via DDE or OLE technologies to any application of your choice. Moreover, it can also handle the data anyway you want - filter, process, format - the scope of applications is only limited with your imagination. And that's all done completely automatically!

Advanced Logging

As the name suggests, Advanced Serial Data Logger is an RS232 data logger in the first hand. Each and every step of the process is thoroughly recorded, so it is not a problem anymore to locate and eliminate any possible problems, or monitor emergency alerts. You can create a plain log file, or format it by date, size or data type. Advanced Serial Data Logger can also work as a sniffer capturing and logging all information circulating between serial port devices and the computer.

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RS232 Logger Features

Multiple RS232 ports. Capability to log multiple RS232, RS485 or RS422 ports at same time;

Flexible RS-S232 port parameters. You may use any baud rate, number of data bits or stop bits, parity, hardware and software flow control and specify custom baud rates;

Spy (sniffer) mode. Allows you to monitor and log data exchange between an external device and another software;

Extended logging features. RS232 data logging to text or raw binary files;

Logs formatting. You can format RS232 log files by date, size or data type;

Data query plugins. Capability to send requests to an RS232 device to start data exchange;

Data parser plugins. Allows you to build a full-featured real-time data gathering system;

Data export plugins. Capability to store RS232 data into a database, such as MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle or Access, or put the info directly to a target application via DDE and OPC interfaces;

RS232 Logger ActiveX. It is an ActiveX component that uses our RS232 Data Logger to get either data from a RS232 port or already processed and converted data besides the standard export tools in the program;

Various OS. It supports all Windows platforms from 9x to Windows 7;

Service mode. It can work as a service and log RS232 data even as users logon and logoff the workstation;

On-line help. Press the F1 key at anytime and on-line help will appear providing concise and up to date documentation.


Our RS232 Data Logger supplies several cut down versions. Some versions omit some of the advanced features found in the Enterprise edition and is ideal for users who either want a low cost or free solution or are not interested in more advanced features. Read more here.


- Justin Anning:

« This program is just what I was looking for - something which is adaptable by "non-programmers" such as myself to our many and rapidly changing applications and equipment configurations. »

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